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Reverend Dr. Charles Lamont Dorsey

Reverend Dr. Charles Lamont Dorsey is a locally and nationally known dynamic leader. He is an itinerant elder in the African Methodist Episcopal church. Rev. Dr. Dorsey is an accomplished author, vocalist, and speaker; including more 300 speaking engagements. Rev. Dr. Dorsey has served as a leading voice on a weekly radio show at KJLH 102.3 FM, the Number 1 black-owned and operated radio station in Los Angeles, CA.


Prior to founding the Dorsey Group, Rev. Dr. Dorsey spent his time helping to build a premiere faith-based nonprofit organization; helping it to accumulate millions of dollars of resources while delivering strategy at the state and federal level. 


In addition to his professional record, Dr. Dorsey leads a multigenerational movement to acknowledge the transformative impact of father-son relationships. Ask him about his personal story. It will change your life. 

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